Is Your Digital Marketing Agency Providing Real Value?

Different agencies have different goals. But if you need an agency to drive immediate, profitable revenue into the business, here is how you judge their value.

The answer to this question is simple… is the traffic from your ads converting with a high return on ad spend (ROAS)?

Different agencies have different goals. Some agencies are focused on your brand and making things look beautiful, some agencies are focused on building a community on social media, and some agencies are all about building you a website with all the bells and whistles.

But if you are hiring a digital marketing agency that focuses on direct response, paid advertising for the purpose of growth, you need to be measuring them on their ability to produce a return on ad spend.

Here is quick and easy template you can use:

This is it. Simple but effective. 

Have your agency fill this in twice a month and meet to discuss it the following items:


We just added this new audience and it’s crushing it.

Or, I just tested this carousel ads vs. single image ads and carousels do great as retargeting ads.


Our CTR is low, and here is what we think you should do about it.

Our conversions look good across each step of the funnel but our ROAS is low, we think we should bundle products together to increase revenue per sale.


We need new images and video for testing and are still waiting on your approval to make it happen.

Upcoming Items

Black Friday is coming up and this is the strategy we recommend.


Now you are having an intelligent data driven conversation about the relevant metrics that matter to you the business owner and are working together to improve results.

Ok, that’s about it for today. 

I hope this video was helpful.

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